We are in the difficult situation in the UK where generations of children went through school not being taught very much at all about money. Although this is starting to change, very slowly and children are getting more of a financial education, this does not help those that have already left education. We hope though, that we can help instead. The idea behind this website was to fill in come of those gaps and help people to start getting some knowledge about finance. We have put it together in a way which should be easy to understand and hopefully interesting so that everyone can benefit from it. We have covered topics that we think will be really useful to a lot of people and explained different things and offered tips which we hope will help. We hope that people will be able to understand the information and use it in a beneficial way to help them and those around them. It will hopefully help to make them more curious about other money matters as well and we hope it will encourage them to find out even more so that they can keep on top of their finances and always feel in control of their money.